Top 150+ Funny Names to Call Your Girlfriend

Top 150+ Funny Names to Call Your Girlfriend

Take cover, for these amusing nicknames for females, is intending going bad and several females could be offended by it or simply choose to not allow it to influence them.

For the majority of us, we should most likely use it to improve the most irritating traits of ours. If perhaps you're a guy, you are able to additionally benefit from it for getting back at the females that turned you down. Practically nothing annoys a female like being offered a silly but amusing nickname by guys or maybe fellow females, it could be very awkward.

But Looking over the bright aspect of these nicknames for females, they expose the internal thoughts we've for another man or woman. Several of them are coined from cartoon characters, for example, Isadora is definitely the converted name of Dora the Explorer, therefore it fits some female with a bubbly baby hairstyle; Zoozoo could be the annoying nickname Prince Azula gave Prince Zuko in the cartoon series, Avatar. A country female or even someone coming from a little village may definitely connect with the nickname,' cowgirl.'

There are many factors which birthed these nicknames and that you must consider before selecting a good one for her like physical characteristics and manners/habits. While you are going for a pick from the list below, be careful to not make use of them to be a weapon to bully.

Allow me to share many good examples of absurd nicknames you are able to provide to girls:

Amusing Nicknames For Girls

1. Pooh Bear

2. Sweetums

3. Baby-Bugga-Boo

4. SweePea

5. Fuzzkins

6. Lumpy

7. Nilly

8. Ninty Minty

9. Bumpa

10. Bumper Butt

11. Cheese Ball

12. Honeybuns

13. Baboo

14. Babushka

15. Fritzie

16. Prudy

17. Corky

18. Bumpkin

19. Cheeky Chimp

20. Cheeky Monkey

21. Fuzzly

22. Mitzy

23. Bun Butt

24. Bunbuns

25. Buster

26. Snicker Doodle

27. Snuggle Bunny

28. Blossom Butt

29. Dixie

30. Puppy Love

31. Overlook Mischief

32. Snoogypuss

33. Snookums

34. Snuggems

35. Whiney

36. Bubblegum

37. Chiclet

38. Chunky Monkey

 39. Winky Dink

40. Cinnamon

41. Cutie Pie

42. Shmoopie

43. Shmoops

44. Shmoopsie Poo

45. Pancakes

46. Cuddly Wuddly

47. Ridiculous Lilly

48. Swiggy

49. Pumpkin Pie

50. Chipmunk

51. Chunky Bunny

52. Tinkerbell

53. Stumblebum

54.Butter Lips

55. Shamy Amy

56. Poo Poo

57. Snuffly

58. Franny Granny

59. Gorgerella

60. Gory Florie

More funny Nicknames for Girls

Cute Funny Nicknames For Girls - List Of Funny Nicknames For Girls


61. Lotion Puff

62. Twinkie

63. Chick

 64. Chicken

65. Libster

66. Daffodil

67. Zwinky

68. Itty Bitty

69. Shorty

70. Cutie Head

71. Cutie Patootie

72. Marmalade

73. Mammy Chops

74. Snugglebear

75. Birdykins

76. Gorgi Porgi

77. Babywilkins

78. Skiddles

79. Cookie Monster

80. Bubble Ray

81. Cowgirl

82. Poochie

83. Munchkin

84. Crackpot

85. Red Panther

 86. Squirty Pants

87. Ziggy Wiggy

88. Parrotnose

89. Pipsqueak

90. Lottie

91. Babs

92. Bubblebutt

93. Noodlehead

94. Dummie

95. Drizzlebrain

96. Muppet

97. Banshee

98. Pudgy Pun

99. Freakzilla

100. Sniffydoodle

101. Raggerbums

102. Panda

103. Sqeaky

104. Snogface

105. Spazzy

106. (Har) Monica

107. Princess No Sense

108. Turkey

109. Pepsi Cola

110. Spanky

111. Pug Face

112. Creeper

113. Disorganized Tessy

114. Gigi

115. Porky

116. Squiddly Diddly

117. Dinky Winky

118. Weirdo

119. Duckie

120. Fo Sho

121. Winkles

122. Bambi

123. Juju

 124. Pipse

125. Snorty

126. Pinky Poo

127. Nelsy

128. Bean curd Pofu

129. Twit

130. Goose

131. Jazzy

132. Chubbly

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Amusing Nicknames For Short Girls

Amusing nicknames for girls1

133. Shorty pants

134. Ducky

135. Brief stuff

136. Pipsqueak

 137. Vertically challenged.

138. Shortstop

139. Pint size

140. Itty bitty

141. Lil bit

142. Lil angel

143. littlun

144. Shawty

145. Shorty

146. Pleasurable size

147. Squirt

148. 50 % pint

149. Tiny

150. Baby

151. Mini

152. Shrimpy

153. Shorty

154. Smalls

155. Brief stack

156. Ickle Bickle

157. Small thing

158. Squeak

159. Munchkin

160. Pint-sized

161. Oompa Loompa

162. Chew size

163. Teeny

164. Peanut

165. Shortcake

166. Ding Dong

167. Pests Bunny

168. Witchy

169. Shrink

Do nicknames decide the individuals character? Based on W.C. Fields,' It is not what they call you that is important. It is what you respond to.'

Psychologist Dr. Martin Ford of George Mason Faculty declared names just have a major impact when that's the one thing you understand about the person.'

Nevertheless, a nickname might illuminate not just the common association people have together with the character but the way they consider themselves and also wish to be seen by others.

Do females even love nicknames? for the ones created above, likely not! In probably the most valuable information fallen from a poll, an anonymous person wrote that she did not such as the nickname' pickles' and this made her not like the guy any longer. This actually would mean that while you are keeping the enjoyment of the life of yours, calling her a little nickname you think is funny, look at the effects.

On another hand, several females stated they love it in case it is coming from their boyfriends, close friends or family, others stated they just use nicknames for their favorite folks. But being on the safe side, you are able to create nicknames in smaller types of the name of theirs. For example, Elizabeth may be reduced for Liz, Eliza, Liza and even Beth.

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